Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Feeling Spiritual in Mérida

Written Monday, May 15th

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It takes a few days for the full effect of being here to settle in. But after a day or two you start smelling things, hearing things, and seeing things in a different way. You experience them. You put parts of your life on hold while you let other parts take over. The artistic and spiritual side prevails. You start to feel gratitude at the smallest gestures or sightings. Kim makes jokes about how many time I say "Gracias" and says I overuse it and use it inappropriately. And she's right on all counts. But I truly am thankful for being able to partake in this life.
I appreciate my neighbors and strangers allowing me to share it. The standard response when you talk about Mérida down here is that it is muy tranquila. And that it is.
I asked Terry what he is reading these days and his answer was that I would probably think he was crazy but he is reading about Ghandi. I wasn't even surprised. That pretty much sums it up.
We visited Julio at the antique store and bought some antique iron work. Terry got to use his new drill to put it up on the patio wall. It's strictly for decoration now. Maybe someday we will plant some climbing plant to climb up that wall and artwork. Terry measured before drilling and even said something about not having a level but not to worry as he could eyeball it. What neither of us planned on was that the squares of iron work were not square. So they are on the wall a tab bit crooked but such as it is. That's the way it is.
It took us a couple of days to figure out when it was open but we finally nailed it and went to the little cockteleria around the corner from us to get a few beers and some ceviche. The ceviche was excellent and it was a happening little place. We will be going back often. It has an open air patio area with plastic table and chairs set up. It is family run. Dad and son were waiting tables and we had seen Mama earlier so we assumed she was in the kitchen. Most of the table were taken when we arrived and by the time we left the place was full, more tables had been brought out, and there were people waiting to be seated. It was nice. We finished off the evening afternoon by having cocktails on the roof, watching it rain, and having more cocktails. 
We met up with Carlos. He is getting the house next door ready for owners to show up this evening. Yesterday he arrived with the most colorful michelada spices and ice in a large cup for me. I wish I had taken a picture. It worked out perfectly as we had just made a beer run to Gaspar's and Terry had bought one Patito for me at Lupita's suggestion. It's a new craft beer brewed right here in Mérida.  We sat by the pool while Carlos was half busy/half-relaxing and his two sons swam.
Yesterday was bici-ruta day and we walked to the end but made a huge loop going north of centro and walking through the Garcia Gineres neighborhood. The area was started in the early 1900's and was named after its innovative developer. Most of the houses were built in the 1930's - 1950's. Some are quite elaborate and originally were far out of town. Today it is mostly an upper middle-class neighborhood with lots of yards, trees and interesting and varying architecture.
Late yesterday afternoon we sat on the upper terrazzo and were faced to look across at the jardine and street. Our very aged neighbor man was shuffling home from the park and we observed him stopping to make the sign of the cross as the church bells rang. I said a little prayer for him as he shuffled by. And, I silently thanked him for sharing his world with us using the word gracias at least three times.

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