Friday, September 23, 2016

Sí Señor, We Have Pally Olly

Last night we had drinks on the mirador and a large group of squawking parrots flew over as if to bid us "Vaya con Dios".  There were a total of 13 in all. We don't know if the odd man out was a young parrot or a parrot that had lost its mate...I'm not up on my parrot culture.
As usual, Terry slept and I was the girl on the bus reading "The Girl on the Train", never being the one to nap and possibly miss something of interest. I did see some awesome birds out my window when we passed through the jungle. Some were blue and some were tiny and red/orange. I have no idea what they were. We arrived in Playa on time almost exactly 4 hours after boarding. We walked from the bus station towards 5th Avenue and the beach and found a cute little hotel for about $30 per night.
Hotel Courtyard

It had a pool and a nice shaded courtyard. After seeing the room, we took it. It was extremely quiet, although it fronted a busy street two blocks west of 5th Avenue. We took a walk down 5th Avenue and ended up having fish tacos, mojitos/beer at "Yo Amo Tacos" for lunch. In true Terry fashion, we bought beer at the OXXO and headed to the beach for an afternoon of beach, beer, and sun. Walked around and came in and napped then dressed and headed to dinner. We ate at El Oasis - ceviche mixto, coconut shrimp and seafood paella. It was all very good and we thought reasonably priced especially considering we were in Playa. Rather than eat directly on 5th Avenue we ate just a half block off, ie, big difference in prices. Our first night was an early one.

We spent the next two days eating, drinking, walking and beaching. For a short vacay, it ended up being super nice. I searched Playa for Jalederas de talavera but never found them, even though each vendor would assure me if I came into their shop they had them.

Our second night we ate wonderful Italian food and did the bar thing. Terry drank a really nice pale ale...several actually. We went to a really crazy, weird bar then thought we were going salsa dancing. When we got to the salsa bar, it was filled with beautiful and awesome dancers - all Mexican and all very good. We just watched.
Terry liked the pale ale so much that after breakfast and before we walked to the bus station the next day, we went back to the same bar and I had a couple of margaritas and Terry ordered a pale ale...while he had the drink menu right in front of him. The waiter was totally confused, "We don't have Pale Ale, Sir." He named off a number of beers they did serve. Silly us....ahhhh.....they had no pale ale, but
"Sí Señor, we have pale ale (pronounced Pally Olly!)."

Pics out and about in Playa del Carmen

Taken June 2016 in Playa

Taken Sept. 2016 in Playa...that's Bepto Bismal...again...eerily similar!

The souvenir we just couldn't drink before leaving for the airport...reluctantly poured the  tequila out to bring it home

Sign at the coffee shop

Our Happy Place

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